Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Color Statement

I've been wanting to grab the new Milani Color Statement Lipsticks for a while but now that I'm back in Toronto I had no way of finding it here. Thankfully my cousin was coming down from NYC and she works at CVS, it was the perfect scenario to ask her to grab some for me. 

I only got four but I must admit, they are some of the best quality lipsticks I have ever tried. They are all very nourishing for the lips (even the matte one) and highly pigmented. Since my lips are pretty pigmented I always have to use a lip liner before the lipstick application but with this I don't really need to.  The formula is very rich and the colors are just absolutely vibrant. I really do see what the rave was all about and I'm very glad I got them, even though I have an addiction for lippies and I have more than I need! 

Left to Right: Flirty Fuschia (Cream) , Fruit Punch (Cream) , Black Cherry(Cream) , Sangria (Matte) 

Left to Right: Flirty Fuschia (Cream) , Fruit Punch (Cream) , Black Cherry(Cream) , Sangria (Matte)

Swatches from Left to Right 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Casual Fridays

So this is day 2 and looks like I'm still doing this blog thing. So how's everyone doing on this fine Friday afternoon? Gosh it's really hot out here and I just got back from the gym and I'm pooped! Getting on this gym routine is hard work. I'm trying so hard to stay motivated but knowing me I have a tendency to get lazy and stop working out completely. This time around I need to be a changed woman! I completed a week eating healthy and training daily, lets see how well I can keep this up. 

Anyways enough of me blabbing away. Here's a quick outfit update from last Friday. It's just a casual look I threw together. It's has a little a bit of edge and spunk. Not my normal style but hey it's all about stepping out of the box and trying different things. 

Top: Burlington Coat Factory; Denim Shorts: F21; Shoes: Converse Marshall's; Chicago Bulls Snapback 

The top is from Burlington Coat Factory for like $3 (bargain shopping for the win!) the denim shorts  are from Forever 21 two summers ago. I have a black crop top under the top which is also from Forever 21. The shoes are Converse from Marshall's years ago, it's pretty ancient. I like it because it has like a cross word pattern. Oh and I forgot the hat is a Chicago Bulls Snap Back I borrowed *ahems* I mean stole from my brother dear :) There you have it a casual, summertime relaxing outfit.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guess who's back?!?! Tell a friend...

So it's been well over 2 years since I have used this blog. I don't really know what happened but I guess I just fell out of it. Ever so often I cringed to write something new but my laziness got the best of me. I was also away doing my graduate studies in Buffalo, NY. It was just too hard to document my life while I was away and quite honestly, my life was just plain boring. Anyways I am giving this blog thing another shot. Let's wait and see how this goes! 

Lately I've been obsessed with fashion. My past blog posts have been all makeup related. Don't  get me wrong I'm still very much obsessed with makeup! However I have also sparked an interest on fashion trends and styling. I blame Instagram for getting me hooked! I do honestly enjoy it a lot, it definitely is my guilty pleasure. So without further a due I would like to invite you all into my world of fashion, beauty and all things fabulous <3 

H&M shift dress; Prabal Gurung for Target Ankle Straps; H&M Neon Yellow Necklace. 

This was a couple of weeks ago. I had two parties to attend and it was a breezy summer day and so I threw on this basic black shift dress and to spice up this very  neutral look I added some pops of neon with an H&M necklaces and some darling neon ankle straps by Prabal Gurung for Target. The dress was from H&M as well, I had bought it on a sale two seasons ago. Voila! There you have if folks, a simple outfit with a little bit of color.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Omg I am super excited to finally have reached 100 followers. First and foremost I would like to give all of you my followers a BIG THANK YOU!! I could not have done this without you. Your comments and suggestions definitely help me grow as a blogger and I am very thankful for all of you. I am still learning all that I need to know about blogging, it's a slow process but surely something I enjoy doing. I hope to have more time dedicated to blogging once I am done school (2 more weeks). Anywhooo once again THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU  for all those that became a follower it means the world to me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Attempt at Nail Art

Hello everyone, 
Sorry I have gone MIA for a while now. It's just school has yet again taken my life away and also my laptop crashed and so it was hard for me to regularly blog. I am back for now with a little post, hope you enjoy.....

So I had recently bought the L.A. Colors Nail Art polishes and I decided to give it a try and boy let me just tell you that it is one challenging task. I couldn't get my hands to stop shaking when trying to make precise details. It was such a challenge but hey it was my first attempt hopefully with practice I can get better at it. I tried to imitate this look from what I saw on youtube but it's nothing close to the actual thing but oh well, it's the thought that counts lol. 

That's it for now folks. Have a great rest of week. What you think of my first attempt? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chef it Up: Bruschetta

Hey folks, this is my second recipe of the week. This is a simple recipe for bruschettas, they are honestly such a delicious snack. It's also very addicting you keep eating them. 

Plum Tomatoes (3) 
Italian Baguette 
Clove of Garlic
Virgin Olive Oil 
Salt &Pepper 

How to: Bruschetta 
1. Boil the tomatoes until you can see the tomato start bursting from its skin 
2. Take the tomatoes our and peel off the skin and cut them into half and take out the middle part of the tomatoes until there is no more juice and seeds remaining. 
3. Dice the tomatoes into small cubes 
4. Pour a tablespoon of vinegar & olive oil 
5. Mince up one clove of garlic and add that to the tomatoes 
6. Finish it off by adding basil  and salt & pepper to the finishing product. 

Tomatoes boiling 

The Bruschetta all mixed together with the ingredients

How to: Baguettes 
1. The next part to this recipe is to get the baguettes heated up. 
2. Cut the baguettes into medium slices and coat one side of the baguettes with olive oil 
3. Place the side with olive oil face down on a baking dish and pop it in the oven 
4. Once you notice the baguettes getting crispy and brown take them out of the oven and let it cool for a bit. 
Baguettes in the Oven 

Now just top the bruschetta onto the side of the baguette with the oil and serve. 
My first piece 

Getting the plate filled, you can serve about 12 with this ingredient. 


And here you have it, you do have to eat them while they are fresh. Once it cools down it just doesn't taste as good. This is a fast simple recipe for those who have never tried to make bruschettas. They are just basic ingredients in your pantry so there shouldn't be any problem finding the ingredients. How do you guys make your bruschetta? Are there any other quick snacks you make ? I would love to hear from you =) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Mini Haul

Sally's Beauty Supplies opened up down the street from me a little while back and I never took the time to go check it out. I recently wanted to get myself a teasing comb and I went in there. I got lured into the nailpolish section. China glaze were on sale for 2 for $12.00 so i HAD to get myself 2. 
I am probably the last person in the world to buy "For Audrey" 
"For Audrey" 

"For Audrey" 
 Such a pretty lilac purple, I couldn't resist 
"Secret Peri-wink-le" 

"Secret Peri-wink-le"

The real reason I walked into Sally's ; Teasing comb 

The other day I had to pick up some groceries for my mom from a close- by Indian grocery store. As I was paying for the stuff I realize they had a rack for L.A. Colors. I was like "wtf" what is that doing here? 
I went up and noticed that everything on that rack was for $1.99. I really been wanting to try out their nail art nailpolishes and I figured this was my chance. Usually these nail polishes go for anywhere between $3- $5 and this was the cheapest I have ever seen so I decided to stack up on some. I never have actually designed my own nails, so I will let you know how that goes. 

 Well that's all for my haul. Hope everyone had a good weekend. My week is just about to get hectic