Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Blog

Why blog?
Simple because everyone is doing it ! =) 
I tried very hard not to jump into the bandwagon but eventually I fell right in. I though about blogging for a very long time but i was never motivated enough to actually start one. I finally think it's time to put my foot forward and do something. Like millions of girls out there I am also a makeup fanatic. What else is new right? I am in no way an expert at makeup or have any prior experience with makeup but i simply loveeee makeup, i have this undying passion for makeup so i figured a blog would be my medium to express my passion. To be honest i don't even own much makeup I want to slowly start collecting makeup and this blog can be a reflection on my growth from nothing to something... well hopefully if i don't burn holes in my pocket lol 
Anywhoo i am just ranting off on this post so let me just cut it short and say that i have started this blog to express my passion for anything girly. I hope to do makeup and hair looks if possible and maybe even hauls. I would also like to do some fashion and anything else that comes to my mind! But first i need to motivate myself to maintain a blog... I am really bad at being consistent. If i feel like doing a blog today i might wake up tomorrow and not want a blog so i am going to try real hard to stay on top of this blog. However I am in university and university life is pretty hectic with exams and essays and assignments so i can't promise i will blog every day but i will definitely try my very best.
So until we meet again 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world :) I believe I am your first follower! xx

  2. Lol yes indeed I stumbled across ur page a couple of days ago and i really liked it. Great Job =)