Sunday, January 30, 2011

Massive Collective Haul

Hey there folks... I have been MIA for a little while but here I am with a fashion haul. Again this is something new to me, my first haul actually so there will be a lot of technical difficulties along the way lol. This haul has been compiled over the months of December and January, there were a lot sales and end of the season clearances so everything I have in this haul was on SALE!!! 

Retail Therapy...
Mid-length black boots 
Ankle- high chocolate brown boots
Grey mid-length Uggs
Party wear boots in Black (cuts right below my knees)

Knee-high black boots 
Mid-length brown boots

I also did purchase a pair of pumps from Costa Blanca, doesn't really fall under the boots category but oh well =) 
Black high-heel pumps 
Much of the clothes I got is ideal for the summer which is why they were on sale. I guess I'm well prepared for the coming summer =)
Olive green and Black Romper from Costa Blanca 
Grey and Denim studded dress from Costa Blanca 
Black and white front-zip dress from Costa Blanca 

Black pencil skirt from Costa Blanca (this is a small but it's a little big on me)

Red mini skirt from Urban Behaviour 
Flush tone ruffled sleeved top from H&M

Leopard print scarf from H&M
Grey high-neck Bench sweatshirt

Pink Bench sweatshirt

Black & Magenta puffed sleeve tunics from Urban Planet 

Forever 21 was having a huge sale on their summer stuff so i stocked up =) they make great layering items even in the winter. 
Black racer-back top with studded back 

Floral print romper 
Back net top 

White and dark green colour block dress 
Olive green racer-back top with studded pocket 

Pink braided strap tunic
Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed this
feel free to leave your comments. 


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  2. Thanks a lot hun, greatly appreciate it =)

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