Thursday, January 20, 2011

Product Review: Sigma Brushes

Hey everyone this is two days in a row i am blogging and i am here with yet another product review. Sigma has become a well recognizable name in professional makeup brushes over the year. It is a company based on the internet, I am not sure if there are actual stores that sell these brushes, not in Canada anyways.  I heard so many good reviews on this product and i was desperately looking for some good brushes  at a reasonable price. These brushes were compared to the MAC brushes and we all know how expensive each of those brushes are and so i decided to give these brushes a try. I bought the Complete Kit without the Brush Roll which retails for $79.00 USD. This comes with 12 professional makeup brushes that is used for your face and your eyes. 

Sigma Complete Kit 
Sigma Complete Kit 
Brushes in this kit  and Review as follows:

Small Angle - E65 - I use this for gel eyeliner application 

Medium Angled Shading - E70- I use this to highlight the brow bone or if i want to get a colour precisely in my crease 

Large Shader - E60- This is good for any eyeshadow application whether it be cream, pressed, or loose shadows. This however is not my favourite brush, it applies the colour pretty decently but the bristles feel rough and it doesn't grab as much product. 

Pencil - E30- Great brush for details, I use this for the inner tear dot to brighten the eyes and I also use it for precise v's or c's in the crease. 

Large Angled Contour - F40- Because of its angle its a great brush for contouring the hollows of your cheeks, it also applies blush really well. 

Large Powder - F30 - This brush is just like any other powder brush to me. I don't see any great difference and the hair does fall off it. 

Duo Fibre - F50 - This is my favourite brush in the bunch. I absolutely adoreeeee this brush!!! I apply my liquid foundation with this brush and it gives such a flawless airbrushed finish. 

Foundation - F60- I actually use this brush to apply my cream moisturizer, it beats using your hands lol. I also sometimes use it for concealing large areas that need concealing. 

Concealer - F70- A cute little concealer brush, with its synthetic bristles it really does one heck of a concealing job. 

Tapered Blending - E40- Another favourite! This brush is good to blend blend and blend!!!! It really blends colours very well especially in the crease. Although I would have liked it if it was a little smaller because this brush is a little big for my eye lids but overall very good brush. 

Eye Shading - E55- This is my favourite eye shadow brush. It packs on the eyeshadow colours so well and i get clean application with this brush. LOVE <3 

Eyeliner - E05- Great for gel eyeliner, I usually use this to draw in the inner corner of my eyes. Sometimes it can get tricky and since this brush is small and skinny it gets to those hard areas with precision.  

I also got a gift from Sigma which was E25, a sample blending brush. The bristles are smaller and it does a great job of blending anything and everything. 

So my overall opinion about this brand is that its an AWESOME product. The variety of brushes you are able to get is unbelievable. The quality of most of these brushes are out of this world give or take one or two of brushes. 79 bucks is a phenomenal deal for such a pack, you could probably buy two MAC brushes for this price and here you are getting 12 brushes!!!! These brushes truly are comparable to MAC brushes and i use these brushes on the regular. I have no regret buying this set, it was money well spent =)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. 


  1. Some of them sound really good.

    Which gel eyeliner would you recommend?

    Thanks for the follow, I follow you too.

    D xx

  2. These brushes are really good and well worth the price. Bobbi Brown gel liner i would say is my all time favourite gel liner and right behind it would be MAC black track gel liner. In terms of drugstore brands i really am impressed with maybelline eyestudios gel liner. I hope this helps, thanks alot for the follow =) <3

  3. I love sigma brushes some of them I think are better than my mac ones!!


  4. Ye i totally agree, they are real good quality!