Wednesday, February 16, 2011

F21 Haul !!!

Hello my beautiful ladies so I did a little online shopping. I really need to stop shopping because it is a hazard to my bank account lol. I couldn't resist F21 was having a spring clean up and all their winter stuff were 70% off which is AH- MAZING!!!! So I went on a little splurge, I bought basic winter stuff, nothing too much. Here goes.... 

Packages excite me =) 

I thought these flower earrings were just adorable 

Close up 

I have been really into big slouchy tops that are so comfortable. They are perfect for a casual look and if accessorized it makes a good dressy look as well.

Plain Black Long Sleeve

You can also wear it as an off-the-shoulder top 

Greyish- GreenBoyfriend Tee 

You can wear this as an off the shoulder top and also wear a belt to dress it up a bit
 (a skinnier belt would be better) 

Plain White  Stretchy Tee 

Another slouchy top 

Grey Cardigan (Its wrinkled up being in the box) 

The back has little frills at the bottom 

I def. need to iron this baby up 
Metallic Long Cardigan 

This is a cute cardigan however I didn't expect it to be so shimmery

Grey Striped Cardigan 

Stripe is in!  so I had to get something in stripes lol 

Well that's it for now folks. 
I am in the midst of studying for my exams. 
Have a great day 


  1. It looks like you love cardigans!! (and it is great for all season) Also, I love your earring =)

    Thanks for the haul video!!

  2. I loveeee cardigans lol. I think I'm obsessed with them. Thanks for the support hun =)

  3. Yeah the material is extremely soft and comfortable I really like it too =)

  4. I love forever 21.. but I hate that in germany you are just able to order it online.. i wanted to order the grey cardigan that you have :D but i don't like online shopping XD

  5. Really? I am such an online shopper now I can't help it lol. Its a great cardigan maybe you should try ordering it, I don't think you can go wrong with it =)
    Thanks hun