Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nail Polish Haul: Amazingly Cheap!!!

Hey everyone,
I haven’t been doing many posts due to my extremely busy schedule at school. I have so much work to finish and not enough time. Anywhoo I went to a random Fragrance Discount store. I was just in the neighbourhood and I figured I would just take a peek. I was really excited over the piles and piles of nail polishes they had. It would take me ages to go through all those nail polishes. I tried to hunt down a couple of colours I really liked. They don’t have high brand nail polishes like OPI or China Glaze but they had quite a bit of Sally Hansen nail polishes, which is still pretty expensive in regular drug stores. I also came across a whole different brand I have never heard of called “Miss R Rainbow’. I don’t know how good this brand is but I honestly bought it because I really liked the packaging =) The nailpolishes were 2 for $1.00!!! Isn’t that such a great deal?? I ended up buying 10 nail polishes for $5.00!!! I was super excited at the deal =D  

My new nail polishes =) 

None of these have any names but they are Sally Hanse New Lengths
Left to Right: Baby Pinkish, Hot Metallic Pink, Rusty Goldish Red , & Soft Pink
(they all have a shimmery metallic undertone)  

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
Left to Right: Applause, Fairy Nice, This doesn't have a name but it's a deep Red
(the pink is very matte but the other two are shimmery) 

Miss R Rainbow Nail polishes.
They don't have names but the colours from left to right are shades of Taupe, Mint Green, & Silver
(they are pretty shimmery even though it doesn't look like it in the pik) 

Isn't the packaging so Cute??? 

Sally Hansen nail polish in "Fairy Nice" 

Sally Hansen nail polish in "Fairy Nice" 

Sally Hansen nail polish in "Fairy Nice" 

Sally Hansen nail polish in "Fairy Nice" 

Sally Hansen nail polish in "Fairy Nice" 

Well that's all I have for now. 
Stay posted 


  1. Miss R Rainbow bottles are really cute, the shades are really nice too, good find. xx

  2. Yea they are and I just figured out they are made in Toronto, maybe that's why no one really knows about them. I will have to see if they are good quality as well.
    Thanks hun =)