Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gotta love Packages in the Mail =)

So i received my package from Forever 21 today. They were having a sale on their outerwear and I  figured I should buy a jacket or two for the spring. I ended up buying a black and deep purple jacket and also bought a couple of things for my friends.
The package 
The stuff
My friends got a jacket, t-shirt, and a scarf 

Black military style double-breasted jacket ($15.99)

sorry my mirror is a little dirty =S
Deep purple double breasted jacket -although on the camera it doesn't look very purple ($14.99)

Again messy mirror =(

The collar can be left open 

Or it can be buttoned up 

The jacket with the collar buttoned up

Since we were on jackets I thought I might as well show one of my favourite jackets. I have been looking for a good red jacket for so long and I found one. I bought this jacket at H&M last winter and I just LOOOVEEE it. I don't know if they are in stores this year but thought i'd share anyways =) 

Well that was a mini jacket haul for the day. Hope everyone is having a good day. Toronto is freezing and there is a snow storm warning tonight. Brrr...my fingers are getting a frost-bite just typing.
Well anyways take care everyone