Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In!!! and EOTD

Today was a hectic snow day and university was cancelled YAY!!! So I am basically mopping around the house. Actually I should be studying but clearly that's not happening lol. I am just relaxing and cuddling under my blankets with my Bath and Body Works "Fireside" candle burning in my room. Mmmmmm......feels soo cozy. I don't want to move and I just want to fall into a deep slumber. Ofcourse reality hits me and I wake up to realize I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven't started it yet SIGH... 
Well that is exactly what I am going to do as soon as I am done typing this blog. Well anyways its horrible weather out in Toronto. How about where you guys are? Hot weather? Cold weather? Wet weather? Tell me all =) I heard many parts of the States are experiencing even worse weather than us. Shocker!! 
Anywhoo as i continue mopping around the house .. i mean *ahems" doing homework around the house I wish you all a great day =D 

View of my neighbourhood from my window

Brr.... makes me feel extraa cold 

I was bored so i started playing around with makeup. I was inspired by the snow to do a look but the camera didn't focus well =( I always have camera problems but oh well