Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini LUSH Haul

Hey ladies 
This is just a small haul showing you the latest products I purchased from Lush. I have heard some good things about these products so I though I would give it a try and see if I notice any improvements. 

Lush Goodies 
Fresh Farmacy is a face cleanser which is made of chamomile, lavender & tea tree. It is supposed to help treat acne- prone skins. The bumps are to be reduced and the face is left much smoother. I would however recommend to always use a moisturizer after just incase of any drying from the tea tree. The chamomile however does calm the skin down. It is to leave your skin feeling fresh. 

Fresh Farmacy 
The next product I purchased is the tea tree toner tabs. OMG I have heard numerous  good things about this product. I was dying to try this. Take a bowl of boiled water and drop a toner tab in the water, cover your face with a towel and just let the tab steam into your face. It is supposedly going to bring out all your black heads and white heads and leave your pores completely clean. I hope it lives up to its expectations. 
Tea Tree Toner Tabs 
 During the winter I have very chapped lips. Chapped in the sense that the corner of my lips have started to rip!! It's horrible and I desperately needed a therapy. I thought of trying this lip scrub and applying a lip balm ever day and see if I notice a difference. 
Bubblegum Lip Scrub

 So the ladies at Lush recommended I try Herbalism. I honestly don't know much about this product. They gave me a sample to test. It is a cleanser that is suppose to keep your face clean and get rid of acne. If I really like it i'm definitely going back for it. 


 Definitely pick the Lush catalogue, it's very resourceful and it's like an encyclopaedia for all their products. You can just cuddle on a couch and look through all their various products. 

Well that's it for now. I will do a review on these products if I find them to be outstandingly superb. 
Have a great day 


  1. Herbalism is good but goes off quickly :(


  2. I love the lip scrubs, a little goes a long way :-) great mini haul x

  3. @facefixers: ye right I haven't used it yet
    @ nicole: ye I have been liking the scrubs so far and thanx =)

  4. Love LUSH! Ive tried all those products, and they are all brilliant. I didnt like the lip scrub that much and ended up throwing it away. It depends on the sensitivity of your lips I guess!

    great blog!

  5. Oh really? I actually like the lip scrub. It leaves my lips soo soft and smooth