Thursday, March 17, 2011

2o Things...

Sorry for the late post, I was supposed to post this on Wednesday but here it is. These are my next 10 Things, which brings us to a total of 20 things. 

 I loved every bit of my experience in Rome. We walked alot in the blazing heat all over the city but it was an adventure I will never forget. I will be more than happy to visit back and I surely hope I get a chance. 

Sailor Moon has to be my favourite Anime Cartoon of all time (next to Dragonball Z lol). I watched every single episode and even watched all of the re-runs. My entire childhood consumed of Sailor Moon. Oh the good old days *sighs* 
I was born in United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be specific. Beautiful place, I am sure everyone has heard of Dubai by now. They have the most amazing structures and beautiful views and it seems like everyone goes vacationing there now so it's quite the hotspot. 


The one feature I like a lot are Eyes. I think they are so beautiful and full of meaning. I think a person's strongest feature has to be their eyes. Most of us communicate using eye contact. We interact with each other on a daily basis through our eyes.  I think it's an essential part of us. Plus being a makeup freak I love all the different looks you can do to enhance your eyes. Grey eyes are my weakness! 

Christmas is my favourite holiday but I am sure that is the case for a lot of you.  As soon as December arrives I will be anticipating the whole month. I start getting in the spirit, putting up the tree, decorating the house, making christmas cake, etc. The excitement and the joy Christmas brings me is way beyond words. Christmas is just a magical time.  


Music is my sweet escape. I don't know how I would survive without music. It is probably the best thing ever invented. Everytime I am stressed or can't focus or I can't fall asleep or I am feeling down music will always make it better. I forget about all my worries once I start listening to music and shut reality from existence. 

This is a cliche but everyone loves the Notebook and it has to be my favourite Romantic movie. Very very cute movie, touched my heart very dearly but then again it touched millions of girls out there just as much. I think the idea about eternal love really gets to me and I feel like the movie offers such a beautiful message. Love is beautiful guys so Fall in Love && Embrace your Love! 

I love busy streets. I hate when it's quite. This is why I would always prefer the city over the countryside. I always like being in a fast pace world where everyone is always on the go and cars are always on the road and it's always alive. I enjoy Times Square so much for this reason and I could stand there and just listen to the liveliness of the city (if i don't get trampled over) 

One of my favourite show is Vampire Diaries, I have been watching it very religiously. I watched it from the very beginning and haven't missed an episode ever since.  I am in love with Damon and I think Elena is just gorgeous.  Don't get me wrong all the casts are quite hot lol. I was never big on vampires but I totally changed my mind after Vampire Diaries. Love the story line, I love the edginess it has along with the romance, just my favourite combination. 

I totally adore puppies, they are just so cute and I want one!!! 

Well that's all for now folks 
have a great week 


  1. puppies:) I want one aswell.. and thanks for your sweet comment girl! you're too sweet;) and thanks for following me. you rock!

  2. heya! thanks for following me, made me really happy ^-^ and i know i'm not original, but i just looove those puppies! :D tehe, love xox

  3. Puppies are the greatest things in the world! But dogs are just as wonderful :D xoxo

  4. you are right on about the vampire diaries, i am obsessed + i want to travel incredibly, ridiculously badly and dubai, nyc and rome are on my hit list. great post x

  5. Thanks sweetie and yes def those places are a must see!!