Friday, March 4, 2011

Graduation Pictures

Hey dolls, 
Hope everyone is doing good. I just finally finished the most hectic 2 weeks of my life. I had tons of midterms and assignments and presentations and I am finally done with them...for now. So here I am with a new blog post, I really missed not blogging. 

SO anyways the past Monday was my graduation picture day, yes I know I am finally graduating!!!! YAY MEEE =D gosh I have been waiting for this for ever and it's almost here. I have a couple of pictures to show of how I looked for my pictures. I was lacking ALOT of sleeep so you can kinda tell  when you look at my piks. Also I only took these piks when I got home, I really should have taken them before I left to go get them done because it was such a windy day and my hair was basically messy by the time I got home and took these piks. 

However, I am still sharing them. I am just glad to finally almost taste victory and be a step closer to finishing university =) 

I just curled all my hair and teased a the crown part of my hair for a little bit of volume.  I went with very neutral makeup, nothing too fancy.

What I am wearing...
Black Tank
Forever 21 Cardigan
Skinny belt from H&M
Earrings from Forever 21 

Cortex Hair straightener to curl my hair 
Teasing comb for the crown 
Elnett Hairspray to set my hair 

Hard Candy Primer 
MAC Studio Finish Concealer 
MUFE Matte Velvet +
I also put on a little bit of Smash Box HD Foundation 
Smash Box Halo Powder for setting
Nars highlighter in Albatross
VS Blush in Wild Child 

Wet & Wild Vanity Palette 
MAC Fluidline in Black Track 
Maybelline Falsies Mascara 

Lise Watier Gloss in Berry 

damn these paparazzis =P 

Ahhh can't even keep my eyes open 

Finally a pik where I am smiling- so hard to be happy between midterms 


Back view of my hair
(I'm sad I didn't get a good pik of it before it got all messed up) 



  1. Congrats!! You are almost done and only few more weeks to go until university ends (April 7)! Good luck on you last few weeks of this semester!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. Thankyou I am on a countdown till I am officially done =)

  3. You are welcome and what degree are you doing?

    Also you look extremely stunning!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. im doing BA Honors in Law and Society
    and thanks alot hun =)

  5. thanks for following my blog!!! You are soo gorgeous :)

  6. i love your blog!
    i am your newest follower.


    check out my vlog here:

  7. aww thanks alot hunn =) really appreciate it

  8. such a fun and stylish blog! you are so so gorgeous and i want your hair!!

  9. Your hair is gorgeous!!!!!M following..:))

    Style Fashion Etc

  10. I love your hair! I love curling my hair too!

  11. yea it's become my new obsession

  12. You are Gorgeous!I love your Hair.Im now Following you as well:)