Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello everyone, 
I am in the midst of finishing an intense day of school work. I couldn't go to bed without a post. 
Lately all I do is look at shoes and buy shoes. It's become a very bad habit and I think I need rehab!! 
Lol here are a couple of boots/shoes I bought this week. 

Black Suede Booties from Urban Planet 2 for $15.00

Grey Leatherette Booties from Urban Planet 2 for $15.00

Cadet Style Boots from Spring Shoes $17.00 

I love this style <3 

Leopard Print Pumps from Costa Blanca $14.00 

Ahh I can't wait to wear these !! 

Well these are my latest babies. I am so happy to have found some great deals recently.
I am honestly getting addicted to shoes, I need to stop. 
It only makes me feel better when I think back to how cheap I get my shoes for =) 
Alright my lovely ladies, enjoy the rest of your Saturday. 


  1. Cute shoes... just today I bought Cadet Style Boots from Browns in the angle style version!

    I would love u see how you pair these cute shoes with your everyday outfits!

  2. Ouuuu I want to buy those boots in all types. Yes I will definitely try making some looks once I get a chance.
    Thanks =)

  3. ooo love the leopard print!

    Thanks for following me and I have returned the favour :).

    Loving your blog!!!

  4. I am in love with every single one of those shoes! You have excellent sense of style and I love your blog! Check out mine!?

  5. hey hun thankyou so much for your kind comments =)

  6. Awesome shoes and the price is amazing!