Friday, June 21, 2013

Casual Fridays

So this is day 2 and looks like I'm still doing this blog thing. So how's everyone doing on this fine Friday afternoon? Gosh it's really hot out here and I just got back from the gym and I'm pooped! Getting on this gym routine is hard work. I'm trying so hard to stay motivated but knowing me I have a tendency to get lazy and stop working out completely. This time around I need to be a changed woman! I completed a week eating healthy and training daily, lets see how well I can keep this up. 

Anyways enough of me blabbing away. Here's a quick outfit update from last Friday. It's just a casual look I threw together. It's has a little a bit of edge and spunk. Not my normal style but hey it's all about stepping out of the box and trying different things. 

Top: Burlington Coat Factory; Denim Shorts: F21; Shoes: Converse Marshall's; Chicago Bulls Snapback 

The top is from Burlington Coat Factory for like $3 (bargain shopping for the win!) the denim shorts  are from Forever 21 two summers ago. I have a black crop top under the top which is also from Forever 21. The shoes are Converse from Marshall's years ago, it's pretty ancient. I like it because it has like a cross word pattern. Oh and I forgot the hat is a Chicago Bulls Snap Back I borrowed *ahems* I mean stole from my brother dear :) There you have it a casual, summertime relaxing outfit.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a great weekend! 

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